5 Local SEO Tips For Dentists

November 2023 5 Local SEO Tips For Dentists 3

*Updated November 29th2023 with most current information

Local SEO for Dentists

Marketing for Dentists should be about more than just keywords. There are many options available for marketing online. However, local search engine optimization for dentists needs to have some unique features. If you fail to take advantage of these unique features, you will be losing money without reaping any benefits.

First, the search engines need to know where you rank for specific keywords. This will tell them what part of the country or even the world you rank in. Your business location(s) are prime real estate which a search engine seeks to locate companies related to your target word/sITEM. If you rank higher for a specific location, even if it’s a small state, the search engines will rank your website higher too. Local SEO for Dentists should include information about a site’s position for keywords.

Second, with local SEO for dentists, it’s important to provide targeted content to improve rankings. Remember, you don’t have to focus on specific keywords; but a proper balance of keywords with enough relevant content can go a long way. You will be able to build relationships with customers and potential patients in your area. Patients who enjoy your services will keep returning, as will those who trust your doctors. These relationships and trusts will lead to increased revenue.

Third, you want to make sure you use the right keywords in your marketing. This will ensure you rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and all the other major search engines. Keyword research is necessary to find these keywords. There are many places online where you can get keyword research and marketing tools, such as Wordtracker, Overture, and Google Analytics.

The fourth step to achieving more visibility and ranking locally involves social media. The key to this strategy is to create a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You also want to connect with potential patients via email, through blogs, and through word of mouth. With these tools, you will be able to communicate directly with patients. You’ll be able to show current and potential students your services available.

The fifth step to optimize your listings on Yelp and Google is to add photos. While these sites don’t allow videos, you can still add photos and images. Yelp has an excellent photo service, so you may consider optimizing your business listing with a Yelp photo. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter how obscure your dentist business listing is on a larger internet search engine if no one knows you’re in the area. You have to optimize your listings with targeted keywords to be found by potential patients in your area.

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